Arctic Unity Game Kits – Unity Game Templates for the absolute beginners


I have been hosting multiple Windows and Windows Phone App Jams / Game Jams here in Norway for first year students. They find it hard to use the existing templates and tweak it since the code is quite advanced, and they don’t have time to learn Unity well enough in the short timeframe.

Over the year I have created a lot of templates to try out what works best, and I decided to publish a five of those that worked well. They are simple templates used at these App Jams to make the students get results quite fast. The code here is simple to follow and doesn’t use any advanced language features – not meant for the advanced level.

The Assets are all free assets from the Unity Store, please check the license or find them at the Unity Asset Store. These assets is for use with Unity only.


The Templates

SplashScreenThis is a space game where you have to tap on enemies and their bullets to take them out. Survive as long as you can. The enemies comes in waves. You can collect more bullets by tapping the enemy bullets.


Tractor Hill Drive is a sidescrolling 2.5D physics based racing game where you have to move a tractor over hard terrain. The template comes with 3 levels: Hill, mouintain and arctic mountain top


SUV RACE GT is a very simple game where you have to move a SUV up and down while it’s accelerating very hard. Avoid the other cars on the field and travel as far as you can.
Controls are WS, Arrow keys, mouse or touch.


War at Sea is a side view game where you need to launch rockets on the fighters that flies over you. Take them out before they reach the left side of the screen.

The rockets are launched from a submerged launcher.


Destruction Drive is a top down shooter where you control a armed car. Your job is to take out all the enemies in a pseudo-procedural landscape. Avoid the hard terrain, track the enemies and take them out.




Download them from here:


Learning Unity

Feel free to follow the tutorials I have created to learn Unity3d.

image image image image image
image image image image image



Follow these guides on how to publish your unity game to Windows Store and Windows Phone Store in only a few minutes:

image image

Happy Christmas!

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Free game for Windows 8: Now you are in … Orbit!


I created the last of 3 games for the competition, another space game where you have to launch the Saturn V rocket (Apollo) to space, and orbit around the earth.

I wrote the physics and math myself, ignoring the ones that comes with Unity. It was a fun project, but took more time than estimated. Smilefjes

Anyways, here it is – it’s very hard and not for those who wants intense action.



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Luftwarf–a free game for Windows 8


Created another free game this weekend and it just got published. Just a test game still but fun to create! Smilefjes It’s called Luftwarf and takes you to the 2nd world war setting as a pilot. It’s and intense action game where you have to fly a Thinderbolt over an island and take out the other planes. I do like simulator games but this is as arcade as it gets!

You control by either using touch, the keyboard, mouse or the xbox controller.

3 45 6

Download (Windows 8 app)

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Moon Lander, a Free Windows 8 / Windows game


I attended a one evening Game Jam and decided to create a Lunar Lander style game! It’s just a simple game where you need to fly a lunar landing module over the moon, and land at a target coordinate. All this while having to make sure not to spend all the fuel and having control over gravity.

Skjermbilde 6 2 3 4


Download the Windows 8 app here:

Download the Windows EXE here:

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Words for young game developers and Northern Game Summit

Last week I attended the Northern Game Summit, an awesome event hosted in Kajaani Finland. The event gathered somewhere around 700 attendees who all got one thing in common – creating awesome games.

I was lucky enough to be invited there to keep three presentations around Unity and game development. My talks was around getting started with developing games, getting your games published to Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, and how to get connected using the cloud.

Most of my content was based on my Unity for Windows tutorial series – but the coolest thing was the networking and meeting some of the guys behind Angry Birds, Badland, EVE Online, Alan Wake and a lot of motivated startups and students with one thing on their mind – trying to create good games, and experience worth hours of gameplay for us consumers.

Somehow, Finland manages to create games that the world loves, and the size of this event in little Kajaani really proved that they got the systems and community to really help them reach out. Universities, schools, talented developers and a market helping young talents kickstart a new project/game.

What frustrates me is the amount of people trying to “create the next big thing”, but is just sitting there, waiting for their moment (oh, I just need to greenlight my project or join kickstarter) – instead of participating in the local pitching competitions, Game Jams, normal competitions, sharing their ideas and joining the events the enthusiats are creating.

At a local presentation earlier this week, I asked my audience to raise their hands if they had an idea and a dream to create something cool – most of them raised their hands. When I followed up asking them if they had joined competitions like what Unity had for Windows, or pitching competitions, or if they had asked their local investors for help – most of them lowered their hands.

Why? They didn’t have time, or didn’t think they had the skills\courage to present their idea to a jury. The game business is hard – and if you are lucky, you can make it without any help. Most are not.. There is A LOT of help available right in front of you, so go ahead and join as many competitions as possible, think of them as a way to get visibility and help to get your dream come true! It won’t cost you more than failiure – and even that gives you a lot of learning and feedback!

At NGS, @vgvisionary said “If you win the local market – at least you have conquered something.. something that can make you conquer international markets”. There is some truth in there, don’t underestimate “the local”.

Even in Kajaani, a few teams really struggled with their pitching presentations. You got two minutes to show of your idea and talent and I know its hard – but at least they tried. It could be worth tousands of dollars and give your game a kickstart nobody else can give you.

Anyways, enjoy this trailer from a Finnish Company who just released their game, and some pictures from my trip to Kajaani:


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Realtime Studios by Outracks Technologies

The Norwegian company Outracks Technologies has just released their latest Electron Volt update to their awesome game development and visual synthesis software Realtime Studios.

If you are at all interested in graphics programming or game development, this is a tool you need to check out.


A video of the update can be seen here:


If you want to try this out, apply for beta access here:

I have been playing around with this tool and I find it awesome and effective, so go ahead and try it out yourself Smilefjes

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Unity Game Starter Kit for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store games


I have created a simple game that you can download, play with and submit to the store – both to Windows Store and Windows Phone Store – reching millions of users world wide. It contains the basic functionality of a 2d sidescrolling shooter game.

This game starts simple, then after level 3 – more enemies will come, and after level 4 there is a possibility that a harder enemy that takes two shots to kill will spawn.

The game supports input of touch, mouse, keyboard and the xbox controller (just connect it to a surce or a computer and play!).

This game is pretty simple, but with your modifications to it, it can be a totally new game with much more content.

Open the game in Windows Store (is soon published)
Open the game in Windows Phone Store


You can download the entire Unity game starter kit here: (~170 mb)

What can I do?

You can open the project using the free or pro version of Unity , modify the game by adding more enemies, bosses, weapons, power ups, character attributes so when you level up you can get more strength, shoot quicker, move quicker ++, add a world map, create levels with different landscapes, add two-player, make it 3d – it’s all up to you, and it’s really simple using Unity! Smilefjes


Changing the GFX

The graphics are taken from and the entire eninge is based on this so simply replace the GFX in this starter kit with these to change the graphics (might need to do some cut/paste on some power ups and building), but the character animations and enemies are just a file-replace away from getting changed.

You can also modify these files with your own GFX, or rewrite the routines so it loads your own files the way you want.


These packs are awesome and contains good and cool GFX free of charge!


Exporting your game to Windows Store and Windows Phone Store

The pack comes with a game that supports both Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone 8 apps. If you make modifications, just export it from Unity (replace the folder that is named Windows8 for Windows Store apps and WindowsPhone8 for Windows Phone Store apps):


But don’t delete these, or export to another folder – these folders contains code that handles important Windows Store and Windows Phone Store tasks such as Fast App Resume and Snap View. When exporting from Unity, it will only export the files that are new – so this code will not be overwritten.

In Unity just click File->Build Settings, select Windows Store Apps of Windows Phone 8 as the platform and click Build.

Then, you will be asekd where you want to export, select the folder (Windows8 for Windows Store Apps and WindowsPhone8 for Windows Phone 8) and click Select Folder:


The app is now exporting, and when done – open it in Visual Studio (free to download here: ) and do the process for submitting the app to the store (build it, send it through the WACK to build and test the app packages locally and then submit it to store).

More information:

- How to publish to Windows Store
- How to publish to Windows Phone Store


Step by step tutorial on how to create this game

I have created a five part tutorial series (it’s a part of a longer Unity for Windows tutorial series) that will create this game using Unity:

image image image

image image


Sound effects and licensing

The sound effects used in this game is licenced based on the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. If you redistribute them, use them or publish this game, make sure you follow the guidelines here:

The SFX is downloaded from the awesome site

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