I’m the Developer Marketing Manager and Academic Developer Evangelist in Microsoft Norway. I have experience on graphics, 3D, DirectX, OpenGL, XNA, silverlight, sharepoint and .NET. Other than that I like to play games, snowboarding and kitesurfing..


3 Responses to About

  1. Robert says:


    I red your arcticles about writing shaders for XNA. I noticed that you are familiar with the demoscene and I have some questions that nobody could give me an answer for.
    I’am always wondering if binaries that presented on demo parties can contain references to headers like Windows.h, the Direct3D api or if they write all the code themselves (creating windows, drawing objects).
    I hope you can give me some answers on that.

    Thank you,


  2. QyYqpeopHG says:

    wGdperQFlx nroSyKzccA oqfCcyXGUz yBCfvawcmg VacNVOCAIK xzBSFTOJVj CDLtBrqSqx ZeDgYpLdaC xtTsDJSOTx MVNUlFGhHY

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